Thursday, January 5, 2012

65 Days until the Spartan Sprint

I wasn't going to do a real workout, just 100 reps, but I changed my mind because I don't want to have to lift tomorrow. So I lifted today, 3x5.

shoulder press - 25 lbs
squat -115 lbs
suspended row
atomic push up

Food was horrible. I really think my job in the school cafeteria is not good for me. I know I'm in charge of my own choices but when you're faced with temptation five hours a day, it's really hard. And of course, I let one little slip up spiral out of control. I am rethinking my employment, which sucks because I absolutely love my job. I just don't have the self control to not eat the corn dog nuggets or the chicken tenders. I can say no to the pizza because it's too greasy, and I don't like greasy food. But spiral fries and chicken nuggets? Forget about it. I hate that I can't trust myself to eat well when I'm there.

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