Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Rules of Lifting for Abs - Week 6 - Tuesday

suspended fallout 1x12
Swiss ball mountain climber 1x12 each side
cable half-kneeling chop 1x12 each side - I can't do this one because I don't have the equipment, but I'm going to keep writing it in

front squat 1x8x45 lbs 1x6x50 lbs, 1x4x55 lbs, 1x8x50 lbs - I really hate these. I tried two different grips. One hurts my wrists, the other hurts the front of my shoulders. I can't win. So I bitch and moan.

dumbbell split squat 4x8x30 lbs each side
dumbbell two-point row 4x8x25 lbs each side

wide-grip deadlift w/ feet on weight plate 4x8x85 lbs
dumbbell alternating chest press on partial bench 3x8x30 lbs, 1x8x25 lbs each side - I had a hard time getting into the right position and ulitimately had to drop the weight down a bit.

metabolic workout: burpees (6-10 per minute for 10 minutes) - I did not wear my heart rate monitor for this, even though there's a spot for it on my spreadsheet. I only used the HRM to figure Weight Watchers Activity Points, but since I don't seem to be burning jack shit no matter how hard I work out, I don't bother with APs any more. I did get 100 burpees though.

coffee w/ skim milk [1]
hard boiled eggs, bagel thin w/ butter [10]
banana [0]
ham salad w/ fat free dressing & olive oil [4]
apple & yogurt [3]
homemade turkey & cheese calzone [13]
apple, ham & cheese [4] - I was not hungry when I ate these. I should not have had them.

I used all of my daily points and have 43 weekly points remaining.

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