Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Rules of Lifting for Abs - Week 4 - Saturday

coffee w/ skim milk [2]
hard boiled eggs, bagel thin w/ cream cheese [10]
banana [0]
ham salad w/ homemade dressing & almonds [10]
chocolate [10] - What a waste of points :( I'm mad at myself for eating it.
protein granola bar [4] - I was experimenting and tasted what I made. It needs work - mainly ditching the honey and using a different sweetener, whether it ends up being sugar or Splenda.
apple [0]

And then I lost control. I started eating the granola bars, because I knew no one else in the family would like them. Then we ordered pizza for my son's sleepover and I didn't even try to be good about it. Then it was just snack after snack. And it turns out, my husband LOVES the granola bars and my step-daughter likes them, as well. My son did not like them at all. So those stupid granola bars (but really the chocolate), set off this ridiculous spiral.

But I will be back on plan tomorrow, even without weekly points - I will try to stick to Power Foods. I have 4 Stage1 workouts left, and I want to get them all done in Week 5, so I will be lifting tomorrow. I'm quite sick of Stage 1 and I could go ahead and move to Stage 2, but I'm determined to do 8 of each workout.

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