Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Rules of Lifting for Abs - Week 5 - Tuesday

anti-rotation static hold - 2x30 sec each side
elevated plank - 10x10 sec
elevated side plank - 5x10 sec each side

dumbbell single-leg Romanian deadlift 3x12x30 lbs each leg
dumbbell alternating shoulder press 3x12x20 lbs each arm

overhead squat - 3x12x25 lbs
cable kneeling pulldown - 3x12x60 lbs

banana, coffee w/ skim milk [2]
eggs & turkey bacon, sandwich thin w/ homemade apple spread [12]
veggie salad w/ homemade dressing [1]
cheese [4]
turkey curry wrap [10]
banana, carrot sticks [0]

I used all of my daily points and have 44 weekly points remaining. I really wanted to eat more today. I did eat when I was hungry (and felt guilty) and ate carrot sticks when I wasn't sure I was hungry. Tomorrow is my son's birthday. I'm baking a cake that's going to be 4 points per serving without frosting. I plan on freezing half the cake and eating once piece. I hope like hell I can stick to just ONE piece.

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