Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bulk Cycle 1 - Week 5 - Sunday

I can't believe how quickly a month has gone by. I had to do my monthly 5K. I walked again this month (52 minutes). I mainly wanted time to just listen to music and think. The most insane thought popped into my head while I was walking. My intention this fall is to run the Outer Banks 8K. But I don't know how much of a challenge that will be in November. I could easily conquer 8K before that. Then I thought, well, how about the half? But if I do a half marathon, I will want to run a full marathon at some point, so why don't I just spend 6 months training for the Outer Banks Marathon and get it all out of the way and never have to run again? The   race is November 13. The 18-week training schedule fits perfectly if I end my current bulk cycle at 12 weeks, then do a 12-week cut, then start marathon training. I will decide in May, when the race registration is cheapest (but still close to $100!!). This way, if I pay for it, I will follow through. And my First Flight 5K will be out of the way.

Oh, and I did another mile after my 5K this morning. I had to go get a newspaper and with gas prices being what they are, the weather being so gorgeous, and my trying to be a a better role model for my sit-on-his-butt kid, I decided to walk. Altogether, I earned 4 activity points.

OH! And I instituted a new rule in the house. If my son wants to go to the park, he has to ride his bike. He loves going to the park but we're having trouble getting him to ride his bike. He's still learning and gives up easily. I hope this motivates him to master the bike.

coffee w/ skim milk [2]
cheese omelet w/ guacamole, turkey bacon, bagel thin w/ butter [14]
apple, steak & salad [10]
carrots & cashews [10]
roasted chicken & guacamole on Romaine lettuce wrap, roasted vegetables [16]
cereal w/ skim milk [7]
peanut butter sandwich [10]

I used all 35 of my daily points, all of my activity points and all of my weekly points. I don't know why I feel so much pressure to eat every single one of my points. I still need to work on making better choices.

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