Friday, February 25, 2011

Bulk Cycle 1 - Week 5 - Friday

I had some mandarin oranges and carrot sticks after I blogged last night. Zero points!

incline db bench press 5x5x40 lbs 
bb lunge 5x5x85 lbs 
bent over bb row 5x5x75 lbs 
bb shrug 
5x5x120 lbs
stiff leg bb dead lift 5x5x120 lbs
plank/side plank 3x30s per side (90s total per set)

2 activity points earned here. I hate the lunges. And the dead lift. And I screwed up my circuit. Normally, I do  the bench press, lunge and row in one circuit, then the other 3 exercises together in another. Today I forgot and rather than piss around with two circuits, I jumped the weight way up to use the same barbell for deads and shrugs, so I could use the other barbell for rows. I think I can go heavier with my rows, too, but not as heavy as I can shrug. I was surprised to find out I can shrug that much more. It's more a matter of grip.

I also increased my bench press. I may break past 50 pound dumbbells by the end of the year. My adjustables don't go higher than that so I would have to go back to my regular dumbbells. I love 5x5. It makes it look like I can lift really heavy.

coffee w/ skim milk [1]
fruit smoothie w/ yogurt & protein powder [6]
sausage biscuit [8]
clodhoppers [6]
pepper slices & cottage cheese [5]
salad w/ dressing [9]
apple & cheese [4]

I used all of 35 daily points and activity points, and have 35 weekly points remaining. Even though I ate the sausage biscuit and clodhoppers, I still think it was a good day.

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