Friday, February 11, 2011

Bulk Cycle 1 - Week 3 - Friday

I ended up having some cheese [4] after I blogged last night. All the cleaning caught up to me and I was starving.

incline db bench press 5x5x37.5 lbs
bb lunge 5x5x80 lbs
bent over bb row 5x5x70 lbs
bb shrug 
5x5x85 lbs
stiff leg bb dead lift 5x5x110 lbs
plank/side plank 3x30s per side (90s total per set)

2 activity points for this workout. Shocker, huh?

banana & baked oatmeal [6]
grapes, red pepper slices & hard boiled eggs [4]
plum, green beans, fish & cheese [10]
bear burger on bun w/ roasted broccoli [12]
apple & cottage cheese [5]

20 ounces of water, one coffee w/ skim milk [1] and several teas. I'm still doing well with using less artificial sweetener. I used all of my daily and activity points, and have 41 weekly points remaining.

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