Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bulk Cycle 1 - Week 2 - Wednesday

No workout scheduled today.

cottage cheese [6]
eggs w/ waffle & syrup [10]
apple [0]
apple, cheese & skim milk [6]
meatloaf & broccoli [13]
apple [0]
hot chocolate [6] 

20 ounces of water today. I need to buy some more Brita filters. This stuff tastes worse than usual. I really want some freaking coffee. Not having coffee is making me make bad food choices at work. I'm desperate to reset my sweet tooth, but I don't know if I'm desperate enough. I feel myself weakening with every passing hour. Apples helped, being 0 points and still sweet. But I'd rather have my diet Coke. I had some non-diet hot chocolate (2 cups) because I was desperate for anything wet and sweet and I was about out of apples. This giving up artificial sweeteners is fucking hard. So few things are worth the extra points/calories. I don't know if I can do it for 26 more days. I know this is a self-imposed challenge, and I hate failing, but I'm going insane.

Oh, and I have 29 weekly points remaining.

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