Monday, February 21, 2011

Bulk Cycle 1 - Week 5 - Monday

chin up 5x5 - 3 unassisted and 2 negatives in the first 3 sets, 2 unassisted and 3 negative in the last 2 sets
db calf raise 5x5x35 lbs
bb military press 5x5x55 lbs
reverse db calf raise 5x5x35 lbs
lat db raise 5x5x15 lbs

rear delt bb row 5x5x75 lbs
db skull crusher 5x5x17.5 lbs

2 activity points for this. I was not in the mood to work out. I had the shittiest of shitty days and it was insanely late by the time I got home and got settled. I hated every minute of the workout.

apple & cottage cheese [5]
coffee w/ skim milk [1]
hard boiled eggs & grapes [4]
cheese & cream of broccoli soup [8]
salad w/ avocado & olive oil, squash & sweet potato soup [9]
apple & cheese [4]

I used 31 of my 35 daily points, none of my activity points, and I have 49 weekly points remaining. I was way too busy to eat junk today.

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