Friday, April 30, 2010

NROL4W - Stage 1 - Friday - Workout A5

Stage 1A

squat 3x10x80 lbs
60 s rest

atomic push up 3x10
seated row (lying db row) 3x10x27.5 lbs
60 s rest

step up 3x10x22.5 lbs [per leg]
prone jackknife 3x12
60 s rest

2 activity points. I am doing atomic push ups now, since the reps are low. The extra sets for everything added about 10 minutes to the time, but I'm not taking more APs. This workout really wore me out. I loved it.

omelet w/ onion, green peppers, cheese [2 pts] & salsa
chicken breast w/ romaine lettuce & dijon mustard dressing
apple & cottage cheese
chicken breast & green beans w/ walnuts [2 pts]

80 ounces of water and 3 mugs of coffee. Oh, and lots of ice cream.

Tomorrow's workout - tabata sprints & something else. I haven't decided.


Melty said...

If I do toe push ups, I can't get low enough. It's like a half push up. Do you think I should stick with the toe or go deep with knee? I know he said not to do knee because you are not working your core but I can't work my arms and chest against anything else.

Becky said...

I would continue to do them on my toes.I don't really think there is anything to be gained by going "backwards" to knee push ups. You can already do them on your toes. Half push ups are fine - just strive to go a little deeper each time you do them.