Sunday, April 18, 2010

NROL4W - Stage 1 - Sunday - Rest Day

Since I earned at least 70% of my reward points for the week, I enjoyed my first real cup of homemade coffee in over 3 weeks. I loved it. I missed it. I don't want to go without coffee during the week. So, I will allow myself no more than 2 cups (which is actually 4 cups, considering the size of my travel mug - but I'm used to having 4 mugs per days, which is 8 cups of coffee, holy crap!) per day. My weekly reward will be getting extra coffee on Sundays. It helps me get my dairy in, too. If Harris Teeter hadn't had such a good sale on coffee (I love buy 2 get 3 free), I might not have fallen off that wagon. Oh well. I love coffee.

Today's food:
catfish & mixed vegetables
cottage cheese
grilled turkey on romaine lettuce w/ baked potato

100 ounces of water and four cups of coffee. Reward percentage: 15 out of 20 - 75%

Tomorrow's workout - Stage 1 Workout B2.

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