Friday, April 23, 2010

NROL4W - Stage 1 - Friday - Workout B3

Stage 1B

deadlift 2x12x90 lbs
60 s rest

dumbbell shoulder press 2x12x20 lbs
wide-grip lat pull down (assisted pull up) 2x12
60 s rest

dumbbell lunge 2x12x20 lbs [per leg]
(weighted) Swiss ball crunch 2x10x20 lbs
60 s rest

2 activity points. I like 2x12 a lot. Not as much as 3x8 though!

I am a complete freaking failure.

I noticed, since I got home from New York, my pants have been getting tighter and I have been crazy bloated. So I hopped on the scale this morning. 13fucking5! That's up from when I finished Turbulence Training, up from when I finished P90X, and up from my post-P90X low. Obviously, the Simply Filling Technique is not working for me. So this week, I've been tracking at SparkPeople again. I really think I have no choice. This is driving me nuts.

And of course, this has bothered me all day. I work in the school cafeteria and today's breakfast was cinnamon rolls. I love cinnamon rolls. There were quite a few left over and I kept looking at them. I wanted one so badly, I wanted to cry. And I thought, "Hell, I'm obviously never going to lose this freaking weight, I might as well have one or fifty." So I walked over, picked up the entire tray and threw them all in the trash. After that, I felt better. I know one would have turned into 2 or more. I made the right decision. But sometimes, the right decisions suck.

yogurt w/ cereal & banana
apple & cottage cheese
grilled turkey patty w/ mustard & ketchup on bread [1 pt], green pepper slices & carrot sticks
6" turkey & ham w/ lettuce, onion, red peppers & mustard on 9 grain honey wheat sub from Subway [5 pts] - I debated long and hard about whether I wanted a sub or a salad. I went with the sub. The bread was so good, but I had a nibble of the 9 grain honey oat bread and that stuff is the bomb! I must get the recipe. I think I chose good toppings too. I remember a time when I hated mustard.
Snickers Fudge [6 pts] - I'm still in a pissy mood. I sat with this stupid thing for 2 hours before I decided I'd kill someone if I didn't eat it.

100 ounces of water and two mugs of coffee. 7 weekly and 9 activity points remaining. I'm giving up on the reward thing. As motivating as it was, it's been a total pain in the ass to keep up with it and I felt so pressured to do everything on the list. It sucked all the fun out of doing those things!

Tomorrow's workout: tabata sprints & PiYo (that's Chalene Johnson's Pilates/Yoga program).

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