Friday, April 16, 2010

NROL4W - Stage 1 - Friday - Workout A2

Stage 1A

squat 2x15x70 lbs
60 s rest

push up 2x15 - all on toes
seated row (lying db row) 2x15x20 lbs
60 s rest

step up 2x15x17.5 lbs [per leg]
prone jackknife 2x8
60 s rest

2 activity points for this workout. It's very cardio vascular. I did not do my punishment push ups for the reason I mentioned yesterday - it was a daily percentage that I did not meet, so I should only be penalized the following day.

Today's meals:
omelet w/ onion, red pepper, avocado & salsa, toast [1 pt] w/ reduced sugar jelly
quinoa bean salad w/ dijon mustard dressing [1 pt because I poured a little bit more than my 2 tsp of healthy oils], banana
red pepper slices, carrot sticks, apple & cottage cheese - I was ravenous when I go home from work, even though I took my lunch with me
pork w/ brown rice & mixed vegetables
red pepper slices - I'm not quite sure whether I was hungry or not. I felt hungry and I certainly wanted something a little naughtier than raw red peppers but I figured anything else would get me into a lot of trouble.
air-popped popcorn

100 ounces of water. 12 weekly and 8.5 activity points remaining. Reward percentage: 15 out of 20 - 75%

On deck for tomorrow, tabata sprint and yoga!

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