Monday, February 25, 2008

Challenge 3 Day 36

I have a new favorite meal: ground chicken/turkey with spaghetti squash and pasta sauce. I've eaten it three days in a row and it's been satisfying each time. Ok, the first day I had shrimp instead of ground poultry, but it was still killer.

Speaking of killer...

Weights were rough, especially Arnies and rows. I increased my weight, so here's where things stand, at 3x5:

goblet squats (30 lbs)
deadlifts (58lbs)
Arnies (25 lbs)
lat pulls (63 lbs)
dumbbell rows (30 lbs)
dumbbell bench presses (25 lbs)

I'm going up to 3x6 of everything except Arnies and rows. I'll keep those at 3x5 for at least this week.

Post lifting cardio, which is supposed to be of moderate intensity, was actually a lot more vigorous than I meant it to be. I picked some good, rocking hair metal and before I knew it, my time was up and I did more revolutions than I normally do on non-cardio days. A little extra cardio certainly won't hurt, especially with my recent track record.

Food was wacky today. I got up late, had lots of running and house work to do. I made butternut squash soup and didn't bother measuring. I didn't eat anything awful today, though. No numbers.

homemade protein bar (pre and post workout)

spaghetti squash
pasta sauce
ground chicken

coffee w/ cream

butternut squash soup

banana w/ peanut butter

oopsie rolls

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