Saturday, February 2, 2008

Challenge 3 Day 13

I'm posting early because I have a ghost hunt tonight and won't be home to do it. I've already got my meals packed up and if I post, I'll stick with what I've got packed and not buy food along the way.

First order of business, though - my monthly 5K. I did not want to do it this morning. Even after I started, I wanted to quit. I kept a 3.6-4.2 mph pace and finished 3.12 miles in 48:05. Better than last month because I wasn't trying to watch a video on the Zune at the same time. I don't know if being out of cardio shape slowed me down or what. Maybe next month I can beat this time.

cottage cheese

fortified French toast
hard boiled egg
coffee w/ cream

hard boiled eggs
homemade protein bar

hard boiled eggs
homemade protein bar

(yes, twice - they travel easily)

Calories - 1315
Carbs - 137 (24 fiber)
Protein - 115
Fat - 42
C/P/F Ratio - 39.4/33.2/27.4

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