Friday, October 12, 2007

Challenge 1 Day 61

I was a bit scared to do my UBWO today because of my back, especially the bent over barbell row, but all went very well. I have to say, though, this challenge won't be over soon enough!! I'm to the point where I want to start skipping exercises, or just do them half-heartedly. I'm not, but I think about it every rep!! So I'm glad there's a change coming up. I've been spending lots of time reviewing various fitness sites and message boards, trying to figure out just the right routine for me to start my next segment. I'm getting close, I think.

Food was carby today. I have 2 bags of dark chocolate M&Ms and a bag of candy corn in the house, and I've not even been tempted. The multigrain Wheat Thins, on the other hand, smell really freaking good!

cottage cheese
coffee w/ cream

pasta & chicken w/ creamy Caesar dressing

cottage cheese
hard boiled egg

Cajun catfish
sweet potato
coffee w/ cream

Calories - 1506
Carbs - 143 (19 fiber)
Protein - 129
Fat - 50
C/P/F Ratio - 37.4/33.5/29.1

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