Saturday, December 1, 2007

Challenge 2 Day 6

Ok, I do not like real HIIT on the elliptical!! The sprint intervals about killed me and I just could not wait for my 20 minutes to be over!!! I'm not sure if I'm going to do it again next Saturday, or do it on the treadmill, or stick with my regular BFL cardio. OMG, it was brutal.

Tomorrow is my "free" day. I think I'm going to treat it like a normal day. Or, I'll have a bowl of Cheerios for breakfast. I love plain old Cheerios.

cottage cheese
hard boiled egg

fortified french toast
coffee w/ cream

peanut butter sandwich
pork rinds

homemade venison, barley, and vegetable soup

And damn it, this is where things fell apart. Since I didn't actually publish this post before turning off the computer last night, I wasn't compelled to leave the menu alone, and I ended up in a binge. I started with one proper serving of Cheerios, then a huge bowl of Cheerios. It didn't stop there, oh no, it did not! I ate some of my husband's special sausage (trust me, it's not as dirty as it sounds!!!), then a pizza boat, then some cheese logs. After that, I was finally disgusted enough with myself to brush my teeth and go go bed, where I dreamed of cardio machines and scales and the Kimkins diet.

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