Sunday, December 9, 2007

Challenge 2 Day 14

After eating everything in sight yesterday, I was afraid to get on the scale today. But I was pleased to see I'm almost down to where I was when I left for vacation. I weighed in at 152.5 today, so only 1.5 pounds to go before I'm back to my old self.

I overate protein at lunch, so I allowed myself a 3 Musketeers Dark Chocolate Mint bar. I ate it very slowly. It was wonderful.

"fried" eggs
cottage cheese
skim milk

3 Musketeers bar

rice cakes
cottage cheese

zesty baked eggs
cheddar cheese

Calories - 1561
Carbs - 128 (22 fiber)
Protein - 149
Fat - 67
C/P/F Ratio - 29.8/34.8/35.4

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