Monday, August 15, 2011

New Rules of Lifting for Abs - Week 9 - Monday

I was selected as SparkPeople Motivator of the Day today. Again. I don't know what weird method they have for selecting their MoDs but this is the second time my name has shown up in the last year. I definitely don't feel like a good motivator or role model lately. I haven't been trying as hard as I should, or caring as much as I should, or hell, even pretending to care at the very least.

Another Meatless Monday, another uninspired and uncreative day of food. I really need to get back into trying new vegetarian dishes instead of eating rabbit food.

banana, coffee w/ skim milk [1]
cheese omelet w/ salsa [5]
cheese & carrot sticks [6]
breakfast quinoa w/ walnuts [17] - I wasn't crazy about this at all.

I used all of my daily points and have 49 weekly points remaining.

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