Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Rules of Lifting for Abs - Week 8 - Tuesday

suspended fallout 1x12 each side
Swiss ball mountain climber 1x12 each side
cable half-kneeling chop 1x12 each side - I can't do this one because I don't have the equipment, but I'm going to keep writing it in

chin up 1x8, 1x6, 1x4, 1x8 - I did negatives instead of assisted chin ups.

dumbbell split squat 4x8x30 lbs each side
dumbbell two-point row 4x8x30 lbs each side

wide-grip deadlift w/ feet on weight plate 4x8x95 lbs
dumbbell alternating chest press on partial bench 4x8x25 lbs each side

metabolic workout: burpees (6-10 per minute for 11 minutes) - I did 10 burpees per minute.

coffee w/ 1% milk [3]
yogurt w/ apple & cinnamon [4]
salad w/ tuna, light dressing [5]
shrimp & whole wheat pasta w/ onions & olive oil [7]
shrimp & crab cakes [4]
apple [0]
peanut butter & nutella on sandwich thin [8]

I used all 29 of my daily points and have 47 weekly points remaining.

1529 calories
39 g fat
193 g carbs
32 g fiber
112 g protein

I struggled a lot with being hungry. I kept grabbing carrots. It's such a pain to grab a carrot, weigh it, run to Spark and log it in the tracker. I think I need to start making them in 4 ounce packs or something. But that would be a lot of pain in the ass prep. And I ate too many carbs again today.

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