Friday, November 20, 2009

P90X - Week 11 - Friday

Legs and Back this morning (2 Activity Points, but I really should take 3). I am so close to breaking 100 pull ups. I'm up to 20 unassisted chin/pull ups. I'm going to break 100 next week. I am sure of it. I also did my 4 mile walk (309 calories burned, 3 Activity Points). I don' know why the numbers are so high today as compared to others the last week. I was walking quite a bit faster (completed it in under an hour) and against a vicious wind. Yeah, that sounds good :p

I don't know what the deal is but my belly is really bloated, even more than it was when I left the hospital. In the last two days, my pants are suddenly tighter and it's annoying the crap out of me. My throat is also sore again. That's the most annoying of all.

Banana Nut Cheerios w/ skim milk, banana [4 pts]

omelet w/ onion, green pepper, cheese & salsa [6 pts]

chicken breast w/ barbecue sauce, carrots & green pepper slices w/ avocado hummus [5 pts]

fudge baby [2 pts]

mixed vegetables [1 pt]

venison tenderloin & garden vegetable medley [7 pts]

Four cups of coffee [1 pt] and 80 ounces of water.

26 points today. 5 weekly and 20 activity points remaining.

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