Thursday, November 12, 2009

P90X - Week 10 - Thursday

Today's post has nothing to do with P90X or Weight Watchers or dieting and fitness. I want to post about my surgery - mostly for my own records, but hey, you never know who may stumble upon it. I had a bilateral tubal ligation, so if there are any guys reading who get uncomfortable with womanly issues, click away now.

I had a lot of anxiety over this procedure, not because I was having doubts but because I was afraid of complications from the anesthesia. I'm not usually worried about stuff like that but it really, really freaked me out.

I went in, did my paperwork & urine sample, then waited. And waited. My surgery was scheduled for 9:30, but I didn't go into the OR until closer to 10:30. The IV was very uncomfortable, especially if I bent my arm (they put it inside my elbow instead of my hand). I started crying when they put the oxygen mask over my face - more because I was scared of the anesthesia than anything else. I did fight the anesthesia as much as I could LOL And that's all I remember until I started waking up. When I first started to come around, the only thing I could really focus on was how much my throat hurt from the breathing tube. I wanted to cough but it just hurt. I was trying to hard to wake up all the way but I kept drifting back to sleep. I said something about nausea, and I think they gave me something for it. I don't know - I was out of it. I woke up again and managed to stay conscious. Throat still hurt and I was sore from the IUD removal. I couldn't feel my incisions at all. I still don't feel any pain there (in my belly button and above my c-section scar). I wasn't even sure they actually did the tubal until someone came to check the area. I was still loopy, and they gave me some ginger ale and graham crackers. I was so hungry, I tried to eat the crackers but the dry mouth was so bad, I thought I'd choke. By the time I finished my ginger ale, they had husband on the phone to come get me. I was a bit dizzy for a while if I stood up too quickly, but I hit McDonalds on the way home. It took me forever to eat and it made me crazy because I was ravenous. All I cared about is food. LOL

I don't know what they gave me for pain while under - whatever it is must have been strong because I'm still not feeling anything there. They did not give me a prescription for anything and just told me to take Advil or Tylenol as needed.

It took me about 2 hours to eat my lunch. I did eat junk - I didn't care, and I didn't count points. It had been 22 hours since I'd last eaten and I was freaking hungry. I did eat the M&Ms I bought last year, finally. I didn't really enjoy them, with the cotton-mouth and all.


Jess said... get a free pass for today. :) I still can't believe you had that restraint with those damn M&M's for the past year. You go girl!

Glad to hear everything went well though. It will be so nice of you to have that peace of mind considering the issue you had last year.

I, on the other hand, have not had surgery ever and so DH has already been told he's getting the snip, snip, LOL!

Becky said...

Sam is going to get a vasectomy, too, since I don't trust the tubal 100% (because it's not 100%) but him having a vasectomy does nothing for me. I wanted this for me, and no one else.

Anonymous said...

what is it about the breathing tubes for tubals??? My throat was so sore for a week! Crazy.

Also, be aware that your shoulder may hurt in a few days. I think it's the carbon dioxide that settles under the muscle...

Love the blog! You're inspiring me to lose this 25 lbs I've let creep on... :0)

Ann (Darinsmom)

Becky said...

Hey, Ann! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've been blog-stalking you for a while. How's your foot?

I had some shoulder pain on Friday & Saturday morning but it seems to be gone now. I was also on a Fiber One binge so I was just in bad shape all around.