Sunday, October 19, 2008

NROL - Week 11 - Weekend

I am desperate for things to return to normal around here. I'm overeating and eating things that aren't the best, but I'm not binging. My schedule is so messed up and I'm completely exhausted and nauseated most of the time. If I don't finish everything I need to get done within 90 minutes of waking up, it is not getting done.

My only decent meal was Saturday's lunch. I had some chicken breast and broccoli with ranch dressing and turkey bacon. High on calories but at least it wasn't pizza and and junk. I have been pretty good about not eating too much junk, but I definitely think I'm over the calorie limits for my days. I'm not eating on a regular schedule because I really can't choke anything down when I'm nauseated.

My 4 year old is still sick. I'm up most of the night with him but I'm going to try to get him in to see his pediatrician tomorrow. This coming week is going to be so hectic. I have five different appointments confirmed, and hopefully his ped. The plan is to resume lifting tomorrow. I'm a bit worried that I'll be too tired for it, but at the same time, I' hopeful it will help me feel better. Eating will be on plan tomorrow, too, damn it.

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