Tuesday, October 14, 2008

NROL - Week 11 - Tuesday

I was feeling a little better this morning. Well enough to take care of my recycling and vacuum my house. I don't know what was wrong with me yesterday. I was in such a panic over things that were probably all in my head. I'm better today. There's so much anxiety over whether or not this pregnancy is ectopic and the symptoms are so "common" that I can't tell if they are normal or not. Yesterday, I started having some pain in my shoulder, which could indicate a ruptured fallopian tube and internal bleeding. But I couldn't tell if I was really having pain or if it was just psychosomatic because of my paranoia. At any rate, I am anxious to deal with this.

I'm not logging my food in the tracker. I don't have the mental clarity to focus on that. I am writing down what I eat though.

8:40 AM - apple & cottage cheese

9:00 AM - coffee w/ cream & Splenda

10:35 AM - toast w/ butter, Uncrustables; I was fine until I decided to eat the last 2 pb&j Uncrustables; I didn't need them but I wanted them

12:30 PM - coffee w/ cream & Splenda

1:25 PM - chicken breast & cheese on tortilla

4:10 PM - cheese; just something quick to hold me over until the muffins were done

4:20 PM - whole wheat pumpkin muffins; these aren't as good as the ones I've made with carrots but I'm sure going to eat the heck out of them; I have been craving pumpkin muffins or bread or cake for two weeks now

5:00 PM - chicken breast, dinner rolls, mashed potatoes w/ gravy

6:50 PM - carrots, couple Cheese Its

I was a pig today.


Hayley said...

Forget about logging your food...don't worry so much about that right now - find things that make you happy...focus on doing things that bring you a little bit of pleasure. I'm not sure what that may be - read a good book or magazine, take a walk, drive somewhere to a store you like (Barnes and Noble?) a coffe shop....whatever truly makes you happy. You deserve that!! I'm thinking of you and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers...your food has been REALLY GOOD!! 3 pieces of pizza is NOT BAD.

Jess said...

I agree with Hayley. Just get out and do something for you that will make you feel better.

I think you're doing much better than I would be doing in your situation though, if that's any consolation.

Also, if it makes you feel any better, my Mom had two ectopic pregnancies and her tubes didn't rupture until she was almost out of her first trimester...