Thursday, October 16, 2008

NROL - Week 11 - Wednesday/Thursday

Wednesday was not a good day for food. Since we were traveling, there was much fast food and convenience store cuisine. Thursday is not going much better. I'm not eating fast food, but I'm just not hungry at all today. It's well after noon and I've only had coffee and some muffins. Of course, after taking my son to school, I came home and went back to bed. I'm so tired.

My surgery isn't until next week (Thursday), but I intend to resume weight lifting on Monday now that I know I'm not ectopic. That was a big drain on me. With that worry out of the way, I feel mentally well enough to exercise again.

I know this isn't much of an entry, but there isn't much to blog about. LOL


Hayley said...

My thoughts go out to you.. :) {{HUGS}}}

Jess said...

It's tough to eat good on the run; especially when you're stressed. Just take this one day at a time (like you're doing) and hopefully by the end of next week, you'll be doing much better.

*More HUGS*

kathleen said...

OH man--I was just reading your blog looking for help with eating stuff, and came across your trouble about pregnancy. I have 4 kids--two birth, two adopted; had one abortion and subsequently 2 ectopic pregnancies. One was life threatening, the other was caught in time. After those two, I tried to get pregnant but never did (10 years). BUT I live with such regret over my long-time-ago abortion. Please don't do this! It will kill you and your husband to wonder what could have been with that little child. Also something to consider: I am adopted (on top of everything else) and was given such a wonderful family. Yes, I have my issues, but what a great gift I was given--LIFE!!! To think that I was an unwanted pregnancy and could have been terminated. Please forgive me, but I just could not pass over without pleading a little bit. Think about it a little...please! Your child is totally dependent upon you right now.

Becky said...

Thanks for your post, Kathleen. We are 100% confident in our decision.