Sunday, June 13, 2010

NROL4W - Stage 2 - Thursday through Sunday - Workout B3 & Intervals

I did not exercise Thursday or Friday. No real reason, other than being lazy. I wish my schedule for this month weren't so open, with my trip to New York coming up. There's a week and a half where I can't do NROL workouts (so I wouldn't be leaving mid-stage), so I'm trying to spread them out over that time.

Food sucked those days, too. Harcore suck. I'm up 13 pounds from my December low. I'm overweight again.  But I think I've figured out how to stay motivated. I want Turbo Fire. I can't have it until I reach my goal weight of 120 pounds. I got on the scale last night after eating miserable amounts of crappy food. I need to lose 20 pounds before I can buy Turbo Fire. I want Turbo Fire so badly, my whole body tenses when I think about it, like I'm about to spring into action. So there I go. I want Turbo Fire and I won't buy it until I lose 20 pounds.

So, onward...

Saturday's workout: Stage 2B

wide grip dead lift from box 2x10x70 lbs
75 s rest

Bulgarian split squat 2x10x20 lbs [per leg]
underhand-grip lat pull down (assisted chin up) 2x10
75 s rest

reverse lunge from box w/ forward reach 2x10x20 lbs [per leg]
dumbbell prone Cuban snatch 2x10x10 lbs
75 s rest

(long arm) Swiss ball crunch 2x10
reverse crunch 2x10
lateral flexion - Swiss ball side crunch 2x10 [per side]
75 s rest

prone cobra 2x90 s

I was able to improve everything but the Cuban snatch, and I really should have bumped it up to 15 pounds but I was chicken. Bah! Next time.

I also went for a bike ride with my son, to the post office. I didn't count it as exercise because this kid pedals so slowly, I probably gained weight instead of burning calories.  

Saturday Food:
apple & cottage cheese
chicken salad w/ onion & honey mustard dressing
yogurt w/ pudding mix
goulash, roasted garlic slow cooker spoonbread

100 ounces of water.

On Sunday, I did my last Stage 2 intervals: 3 min warm up, 1 min work/2 min recovery x 5, 2 min cool down [20 minutes total] - My recovery intervals are a mix of light jogging and light jump rope moves. My work intervals are 1 round of each of the following: bench jumps, shuffles, burpees, shuffles, bench jumps. I burned 145 calories. I think that's the best burn I've had for Intervals.

Sunday Food:
eggs & toast w/ butter [2 pts]
venison & broccoli
yogurt & pudding mix
carrot sticks
tilapia w/ honey mustard dressing & cheesy [3 pts] cauliflower
Cheerios [2 pts] w/ skim milk & banana - I really just wanted to start dumping cereal in a bowl, but I didn't. I measured it out. Then measured it out again. Then I stopped.

80 ounces of water and 1 coffee.

Tomorrow's workout - Stage 2A.


Melty said...

If you think we need to take a break to do Insanity, it's something we can workout. Do you have it already?

Becky said...

I've had it. When do you want to do it?

Melty said...

I don't know. What makes sense for you? I don't have it yet.

I'm suggesting it since I think it will help you get to your goal quicker. I'm good either way.

Becky said...

From the time I get back from NY (June 28) until Sebastian starts school is 9 weeks - just enough time to do it.

Melty said...

Did my post not save? I don't have it yet. But that works for me. Would you want to start on June 28 or within the next couple days?

Becky said...

I do not think my exercise program will have any effect on whether or not I get to goal. It's a food thing.

Becky said...

Posts are moderated because of the spammers and people begging me to become a Beachbody coach.

If you don't have it yet, I am in no rush. I can do it after NROL.

Jess said...

Great idea setting a goal and reward for yourself. You can do it! :)

Once I get back from vacation, I'm kicking it back into gear. I only have one class over summer quarter, which I don't have to go to, so I have zero excuses to not eat well, although the exercise is still going to be a challenge...

We're going to do this though!