Friday, June 18, 2010

NROL4W - Stage 2 - Friday - TRX Endurance Circuit

After I blogged last night, I had some pork rinds, pretzels, and grapes. Grapes are a Filling Food, and I probably ate 4 points worth of the other stuff. I am not happy about it. I didn't need to eat anything, but I was being nosy when I heard my husband laughing at the television, so I came out to see what he was watching. I ended up grabbing the crap off the shelf on my way through. Bah! I really wanted to eat a peanut butter and nutella sandwich, but I switched to grapes instead.

Today's workout was the TRX Endurance Circuit. Remember to "Like" TRX Suspension System on Facebook. On their TRX Fans Only tab, there is a video of the workout. It will be online free for the next week and a half.  Here is the summary, but you really need to watch the video to see how the moves are done.

Start with 1-2 complete circuits and add a third as your strength and conditioning improve. Begin each set in a challenging but manageable body angle. As you fatigue, change position to reduce resistance and keep going! Cardio intervals can include jump rope, burpees, rowing, running, etc. On an intensity scale of 1-10, perform the intervals at a level of 6-7.

kneeling rollout (facing away) [low handles] 20 reps
sprinters start (pause at top) [mid-level handles/45 deg] 20 reps per leg
single arm back row [high handles, looped together] 20 reps per arm
cardio intervals – 2 minutes: shadow jumping (basic bounce, side to side, forward & back, alternate foot)
T Y deltoid fly [mid-level handles] 20 reps
single leg squat with hop 20 reps per leg
chest press with leg abducted (raised) [high handles] 10 reps per leg
cardio intervals – 2 minutes: jumping jacks, side shuffle, forward/back lunge
reverse oblique crunch [low-ish handles] 20 reps
plank 30-60 seconds
hamstring curl 20 reps
cardio intervals – 2 minutes: squat jumps, cycle jumps (x country ski), mountain climbers, jumping jacks

I did 1 circuit because I was so uncoordinated with the moves and my feet kept slipping on my floor. It took about 25 minutes, with a short warm up.

I'll be back June 28. I desperately need a break from this.

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Melty said...

what do you need a break from? The TRX workout? It sounds cool.

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Becky said...

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