Monday, June 14, 2010

NROL4W - Stage 2 - Monday - Workout A4

Stage 2A

front squat/push press 2x10x50 lbs
75 s rest

(barbell) step up 2x10x65 lbs [per leg]
dumbbell one-point row 2x10x25 lbs [5 on left leg, 5 on right leg]
75 s rest

static lunge, rear foot elevated 2x10x25 lbs [per leg]
push up 2x10
75 s rest

plank 2x60 s
cable  horizontal wood chop 2x10 [per side] - thick, short, purple band
75 s rest

2 points for the workout. I'm glad to be done with 2A, even though there is worse to come.

apple & cottage cheese, chocolate milk [1 pt]
eggs & light English muffin w/ cream cheese [3 pts]
curried black beans & chickpeas w/ cheese [2 pts], mixed fruit
carrots & red pepper slices (I didn't measure or add the peppers to my nutrition tracker)
spicy black bean burgers w/ honey mustard, baked squash fries w/ ketchup
yogurt & pudding mix

I was totally unprepared to eat cheese & fruit at lunch. Fortunately, I knew the cheese was 2 points, but the fruit, even though a Filling Food, felt a bit out of control. I have been measuring and tracking all of my food, to get a feel for calories, and I couldn't do that with the fruit. As a result, I ended up taking second helpings of the beans and the fruit. I felt slightly out of control, even for "good" foods. Fortunately, it didn't derail the rest of my day. There were a few times I thought I might lose it, but I didn't. I wanted to just eat fruit and vegetables straight out of my refrigerator, but I am trying to have some self control, even with healthy foods.

80 ounces of water and 1 coffee. 29 weekly and 2 activity points remaining.

Tomorrow's workout - tabata something.

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Jess said...

You did great today! I am very proud of you. :)