Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Rules of Lifting for Abs - Week 2 - Tuesday

No work out today. I meant to do some heavy house cleaning but I kept getting distracted by little cleaning things so I didn't even work up a sweat.

coffee w/ skim milk
eggs & tomato on light English muffin
ham & lettuce wrap
roasted chick peas
pasta & beef w/ sauteed zucchini & marina
raw vegetables w/ roasted red pepper hummus

What I really wanted instead of vegetables & hummus was a giant Idon'carewhatformit'sin chocolate. I was in a horrible mood all day and I was trying not to eat out of anger. I wasn't really hungry when I ate the vegetables & hummus. On the one hand, at least it was healthy food. On the other hand, that is exactly the kind of behavior I'm trying to break. I'm not happy with the lesser of two evils.

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