Monday, June 27, 2011

New Rules of Lifting for Abs - Week 2 - Monday

Only Week 2??? Feels like longer

anti-rotation static hold - I actually did not do this one because on my first set, I ended up pulling my squat rack halfway across the room, so I need to find somewhere else to anchor my bands. I can't just load up a weight bar to hold the rack in place because it would take forever to disassemble for my pull downs. So I need to find somewhere else, or better yet - an alternative, because I don't really feel anything with this, even with my shortest, thickest band.

elevated plank - 10x10 sec
elevated side plank - 5x10 sec each side

dumbbell single-leg Romanian deadlift 3x12x20 lbs each leg
dumbbell alternating shoulder press 3x12x15 lbs each arm

overhead squat - 3x12x20 lbs
cable kneeling pulldown - 3x12x40 lbs

coffee w/ skim milk
cheese omelet w/ onion, garlic & green peppers, plum
vegetarian chili w; light sour cream
carrot sticks & homemade fries
apple & cottage cheese
grilled cheese sandwich

Today was wonderful! I didn't think about points, I didn't worry about timing between meals, I just ate. And when I thought I was hungry, I stopped and asked myself if I really was, and the answer was usually NO.

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