Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Rules of Lifting for Abs - Week 1 - Saturday

I ended up having a turkey & cheese wrap and a peanut butter sandwich after I blogged last night. I can't remember how many points it was but it doesn't matter because I'm not tracking this weekend, either. And let me just say, it was very nice not to stress about eating today. I was volunteering at OBX PrideFest and I wanted to get something from one of the local vendors without worrying about it "screwing up" my day. If I'd been counting points, not knowing how many points were in something would have put me in a bad mood, and that would have led to one "screw it" after another.

No formal exercise, but I did spend 5 hours outside directing cars in the parking lot then walking the festival grounds. I even drank quite a bit of water.

banana & cheese
coffee w/ skim milk
chicken caesar wrap
turkey salad w/ light dressing & avocado
cheese & avocado omelet w/ Canadian bacon & Sandwich Thin
carrot & celery sticks

And today's big victory - after I ate my chicken wrap at the festival, I was stationed directly across from the ice cream stand. I wanted to try one of the Ben & Jerry's Half Baked ice creams. Oh, how I wanted it. I wouldn't even have minded paying the $3.50 for it. I really, really, really wanted that damn ice cream. But I told myself I didn't need it, I wasn't hungry, and I could have a frozen banana with homemade frozen chocolate yogurt when I got home. Like I mentioned above, any other day counting points or "trying" to be good, I would have had the ice cream. Today, I didn't.

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