Friday, June 24, 2011

New Rules of Lifting for Abs - Week 1 - Friday

No changes to this one since Monday's workout:

plank - 2x90 sec
side plank - 2x45 sec, each side

split squat, front foot elevated - 3x12x20 lbs, each side
suspended row - 3x12

Romanian deadlift - 3x12x100 lbs
push up - 3x12

2 activity points for it. I either pulled something in my shoulder yesterday or slept on it wrong but it's been killing me all day and the deadlifts were brutal. I tried some foam rolling and it didn't really help. It made other parts of my body tense.

coffee w/ skim milk [2]
apple & cottage cheese [5]
turkey w/ sweet potato & homemade sauce [13]
carrot sticks & cheese [4]
crepes w/ banana & nutella [9]

I used all of my daily points and have 33 weekly and 10 activity points remaining.

Starting Monday, I'm going to stop doing Weight Watchers for a while. I need a break. My head is so messed up about food that I can't stand it anymore. Points this, points that, Good Health Guidelines...I am not going to stop blogging and I'm not going to stop posting my food and exercise. I'm just not counting anything and I'm not going to worry about getting at least 2 dairies and 2 oils and all that shit. I'm going to eat.

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