Thursday, November 8, 2007

Post Challenge Day 4

My legs hurt!! It must have been the squats. I did real, honest body squats yesterday, not the weenie ones I'd been doing with my stability ball. Or, it might have been the leg extensions. Regardless, I feel it.

I also changed up my menu a bit today. I had my normal breakfast for lunch, and my lunch for breakfast. I'm a rebel.

My calories have been rather high this week. I doubt I'll lose anything. I may not even weigh in on Sunday, and do it instead the morning I leave for vacation.

fortified french toast
coffee w/ cream

apples (warmed w/ cinnamon and Splenda)
cottage cheese
hard boiled egg

soup (chicken breast, broth, lentils, brown rice)

Calories - 1658
Carbs - 155 (34 fiber)
Protein - 191
Fat - 38
C/P/F Ratio - 36/44.4/19.6

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