Monday, November 26, 2007

Challenge 2 Day 1

Let me just say, it is good to be home and in control. I ate pretty badly the second half of my vacation. I'm up 7.5 pounds from the day I left, but I suspect most of that is water from the gobs of fresh beef jerky from Hirsch's Meats in Pennsylvania. If you ever get to Shippenville, stop by Hirsch's!

I did my measurements and took pics. I'll post my stats tomorrow. I've been dealing with the usual post-vacation crap, so I'm short on time right now. I just wanted to post my menu and make a note about my UBWO - I had to change my lateral raises from 10 pounds to 7.5 pounds. Everything else was good. It was a hard workout, though. My arms were shaking like never before. I think that's good. I was really feeling it!!

I have to go grocery shopping tomorrow. I have none of my staples :(

cottage cheese (it was nasty, so I only ate a few bites)

"fried" eggs
toast w/ spray butter
coffee w/ 2% milk

tuna wrap w/ light mayo

homemade beef jerky

steamed shrimp w/ cauliflower

Calories - 1136
Carbs - 63 (20 fiber)
Protein - 118
Fat - 47
C/P/F Ratio - 22/41/37

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