Thursday, November 8, 2007

Current Strength Training Routine

Here's what I'm currently doing, between challenges. I'm not 100% sure I'll go back to strict BFL format when Challenge 2 starts. I really like doing heavier weights/fewer reps. Cardio is the same, though I was going to do true HIIT, but I'm not ready for that yet.

Upper Body Workout

skull crushers 3x8 @ 12.5 lbs
triceps dips 2x8

dumbbell shrugs 3x8 @ 12.5 lbs
front raise 3x8 @ 7.5 lbs

barbell bench press 3x8 @ 20 lbs
modified pushups 2x8

lying dumbbell rows 3x8 @ 15 lbs
barbell rows 2x8 @ 20 lbs

barbell curls 3x8 @ 15 lbs
hammer curls 2x8 @ 7.5 lbs

Lower Body Workout

bridge ups 3x12
jackknife w/ ball 2x12

standing calf raise 3x8 @ 20 lbs
reverse calf raise 2x12

lying leg curl 3x8 @ 22.5 lbs
dead lift 2x8 @ 20 lbs

leg extensions 3x8 @ 30 lbs
squats 2x12

wrist curls 3x8 @ 3 lbs
reverse wrist curls 2x8 @ 3 lbs
(I know these aren't lower body but I like having an even number of exercises per day)

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