Saturday, January 2, 2016

Turbo Jam 20 Minute Workout

When I woke up this morning, the first thing to pop into my head was "Ugh, I have to work out later." Even though Turbo Jam 20 Minute Workout is short and one of my favorites (not because it is short), I had several moments of "It's okay if I'm fat and out of shape." It makes me sad that I used to love working out and now I would rather be flayed. I'm really hoping that I can push myself for a few weeks until I get my eagerness back.

I'm not tracking my calories burned during cardio. I was going to, but my heart rate monitor doesn't work and I really didn't feel like spending $200+ on a new one. While it would be nice to know how much I'm burning, it isn't going to affect anything - I'll burn what I burn. I get obsessive about numbers. I don't have time for all this logging and blogging as it is. I had to finish yesterday's post on my Kindle Fire because I hardly ever turn my laptop on anymore. I can get my posts started from work (I actually work in an office now, so my overall energy expenditure has decreased somewhat from last year when I was serving school lunch and working with elementary kids all afternoon). The advantages of this new job (that I've been working for 9 months) are that I'm not exposed to horrible, free food and I actually rarely get hungry while I'm at work, I don't usually get hungry until mid-late afternoon and I know I'm making terrible choices by grabbing something from the vending machine. Bringing a decent lunch/snack from home is something I need to work on.


  • coffee w/ Splenda & french vanilla creamer
  • kettle cooked wasabi ginger potato chips - these things are amazing
  • meatballs - I needed protein after my workout
  • buffalo chicken stuffed potato skins
  • cheesecake

And yes, I did my cardio. It's amazing that my body remembered the moves after all this time. And I hate myself for not being able to do it the way I used to.

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