Tuesday, January 5, 2016

NROL Break In B

I could have worked out this morning before work, but it was freezing and I wanted to stay in bed and read. So I got to dread it all day.

And I didn't pack my lunch. Or take coffee to work.


deadlift - 2 x 65 lbs x15

step up - 2 x bodyweight x 15
dumbbell one arm shoulder press - 2 x 10 lbs x 15

close grip lat pulldown - 2 x purple band x 15
reverse crunch - 2 x bodyweight x 15


  • coffee w/ Splenda & French vanilla creamer
  • granola bars
  • potato bacon chowder
  • pulled pork sandwich & clam chowder - I really debated whether or not I needed the bun. I did eat it, and immediately felt guilty


Melty said...

How did the shoulder presses go? I noticed I lost a lot of strength there.

Becky Walker said...

Sucky. I doubt I did fill reps toward the end of the sets.