Sunday, January 3, 2016

NROL Break In A

Again, I wasn't looking forward to working out. Luckily, it was all stuff I could do while watching season 3 of Wentworth. And since it was my first workout in years, I went with bodyweight only for the squats and lunges. But I really focused on form!


squat - 2 x bodyweight x 15

static lunge - 2 x bodyweight x 15
two point dumbbell row - 2 x 10 lbs x 15

push up - 2 x 15
swiss ball crunch - 2 x 20

It doesn't look like much but I wanted to throw up when I finished.

  • coffee w/ Splenda & French vanilla creamer
  • beef jerky
  • carrots
  • steak w/ sweet potato & salad
  • English muffin w/ jelly
Oh, and I packed my lunch for tomorrow: salad, raw vegetables, meatballs. And some granola bars to keep in my desk.


Melty said...

How did your push ups go? That is something I am struggling with right now when I was always halfway decent with them. I have to do them all on my knees and sometimes my shoulders and/or wrists hurt.

I did Cathe Ice Rock 'me Sock 'me kickboxing and muscle meltdown: triceps.

Becky Walker said...

On my knees. And my depth wasn't great.