Saturday, January 9, 2016

NROL Break In B

I kept the weights the same as the first workout - I will increase on the next go round. Ever since last week when I pulled my glute muscle doing Turbo on carpet, my right leg has been a bit dicey. 


deadlift - 2 x 65 lbs x15

step up - 2 x bodyweight x 15
dumbbell one arm shoulder press - 2 x 10 lbs x 15

close grip lat pulldown - 2 x purple band x 15
reverse crunch - 2 x bodyweight x 15


  • coffee w/ Splenda & French vanilla creamer
  • chicken biscuit - This was provided by work for our open house today. It was disgusting and I wish I hadn't eaten it.
  • turkey wrap w/ pasta salad - Again, provided by work, and much better than the chicken biscuit. Damn small though :(
  • popcorn
  • apple & cheese
Yeah, that's it.

1 comment:

Melty said...

You are making me want to do strong. I can't really do it while I'm doing boot camp though. It's too intense. I flaked yesterday and didn't work out. I slept for a while long time and then took a nap yesterday morning around 11. Clearly I was tired. But I did make 141% of my activity goal so that's good. I think I need to up my goals.