Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Turbo Fire HIIT 15/Abs 10

I had an apple after I blogged last night.

Today I did a quick workout. I love HIIT 15 so much. It's short and ass-kicking. I only burned 111 calories but it totally drained me. Then I did Abs 10, which I hate. I hate any ab work that requires me to lie on my back on the floor. I doubt I will keep doing the ab workouts. I would much rather plank, jackknife, pike, and roll out.

coffee w/ creamer & milk
turkey breast & cheese on whole wheat bun w/ refried beans, salsa & cheese
sugar free Jell-o chocolate mousse
another round of turkey & refried beans

I got about 48 ounces of water.

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Anonymous said...

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