Wednesday, November 16, 2011

ChaLean Extreme Burn Circuit 2

I had two mozzarella sticks after I blogged last night. I don't know why I did it. I was not hungry.

I am not a fan of the Burn Circuit. Including the upper body movement with the lower body movement hinders my lower body progress. I can squat and dead lift much more than I can curl and row.

Sumo Squat w/ Bicep Curl - 15 lbs
Lunge w/ One-Arm Triceps Extension - 10 lbs
Dead Lift w/ Row - 20 lbs
Sumo Squat w/ Overhead Triceps Extension - 20 lbs
Dead Lift w/ Reverse Grip Row - 20 lbs
Bowler’s Lunge w/ Single-Arm Row - 20 lbs
Bicep Curls w/ Abductor Balance - 10 lbs
Extreme Bicep Curls - 10 lbs
Forward-Lean Lunge w/ Dbl Row - 20 lbs
Extreme Double Row - 20 lbs
Triple Threat Push-Up
Extreme Pushups

I really, really dislike doing these kind of movements. My balance is horrible and I slide all over the floor and even out of my shoes. I have to find some weight lifting shoes.

coffee w/ creamer & milk
apple & yogurt
philly cheese steak on tortilla w/ onions & peppers
string cheese
turkey & cheese sandwich w/ mixed vegetables

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