Sunday, March 27, 2011

I took a sick week.

I started coming down with something a week and a half ago. The first day was okay but then overnight it got really bad - fever, chills, sinus issues. I really thought I was getting the flu. But then I was well enough to go about my day, and then I got hit hard again the next day. I had to miss my Go Far run in the parade. I slept the entire day and for three days after, I had no energy. I did my Go Far coaching and that was it. Even those short (like, under 2 minutes) runs took a lot out of me. The only problem, other than fatigue for the rest of the week was a stuffy nose, cough, and chest pain (from the cough). I thought I might have had bronchitis but I no longer think that's the case. I think it's just a cold. I wish it would go away. I probably have another week of this disgusting cough and hacking up crap.

I was only able to get in one run - yesterday. It was cold and windy and it sucked. My new running shoes are awesome, though. I got a pair of Asics Gel Phoenix 3, two pairs, actually. I love our Rack Room Shoes at the Tanger Outlet Center. These two pairs of sneakers cost me less than the pair of New Balance I bought at the running store last year. I am glad I went to the running store though, because at least I know I'm an overpronator and can have Shoe Dog find some appropriate shoes for me. I have a long list of shoes that are good for my arch and mechanics.

The weather today has been cold and miserable. I can't run in this, especially with my chest being so gunky and rattling the way it is. So I'm behind schedule. If I can't even fit in these tiny runs, how the hell am I supposed to do my serious training? Maybe I need to re-think whether or not I have time to train for the marathon. My husband will start crabbing within the month, so that will mean even less time for me to try to find an hour to myself to run. I can't leave my six-year old home alone 3-4 times per week. I am trying to get him to ride his bike so maybe he can ride along as I run but he's incredibly resistant. Okay, he's lazy. He hates to be outside. I'm working really hard to change that, since it's my fault. I can't stand to be outside either. I hate the outdoors.

All that aside, I don't know what to do. I am going to keep running, for sure. I have a Bunny Hop 5K in April and another in May, both for Go Far. I also want to do the OBX Killer Dunes 2 Mile Run in July. I want to run the Killer Dunes for a friend of mine. She was pregnant and lost the baby recently, and his date was July 4. So I want to run the race for Baby K.

Chances are good that I'll be coaching Go Far again in the fall, and if I don't do the marathon, I will most certainly be running the 8K in November. Then I can possibly train for a spring marathon, like the Shamrock in Virginia Beach. My husband works a lot less in the winter. I know I can complete a marathon. I am certain I can do it, with training. It's finding the time to train properly that is the challenge.

So anyway, what's in store for me now? I just want to get over this cold, get my energy and sanity back, and resume working out. My bulk is over. I'm going back to doing some cardio (along with heavy lifting, twice a week). I'd like to run twice a week, if possible, and do Turbo again. I miss Turbo. I always miss Turbo. I'm going back to 29 daily points (yuck). I don't know how that's going to go. I need to lose 13 pounds to get where I want to be. I just don't lose well when I try to eat for maintaining sanity. My OWOB (that's online workout buddy) has some pretty interesting observations about the Weight Watchers 29-point minimum being too much for her to lose. It's probably too much for me lose, too, but even at 29 points per day, I am hungry. I can only eat so much rabbit food. I wish I could cut out bread and pasta. I could, sure. I did it when I low carbed. But since Weight Watchers says I can have it, I have it. It's a double-edged sword, really. Tell me I can't have it and I want it. Tell me I can have it, and I'll eat it. I wish I could eat Paleo or Primal. I could, I guess. It's just a psychological transition.

Why can't I just eat and not think about it? Why can't I just trust myself to eat healthy foods and leave it at that?

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