Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bulk Cycle 1 - Week 8 - Thursday

chin up 5x5 - I did 2 sets of 5 unassisted and 3 sets of 3 unassisted, 2 negative
squat 5x5 (use 10-20% less weight than Monday, same weight for all 5 sets) - 100 lbs
dead lift 5x5 (same weight for all 5 sets) - 130 lbs
military 5x5 (same weight for all 5 sets) - 60 lbs

2 activity points for this workout. It's basically the routine I'm willing to do forever. Throw in a some planks, and it's perfect. I'm not adding planks to this though. I will do those on Saturday when I have more time. 

coffee w/ skim milk [2]
banana, baked oatmeal [6]
roasted chicken w/ pepper slices [5]
eggs & ham [12]
baked chicken breast & spaghetti squash w/ marinara [6]
cheese, apple, skim milk w/ Nesquik [6]

I used all 35 of my daily points, both activity points, and have 49 weekly points remaining.

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marie said...

Hey bex, where have you gone?