Friday, March 11, 2011

Bulk Cycle 1 - Week 7 - Friday

incline db bench press 5x5x40 lbs 
bb lunge 5x5x85 lbs 
bent over bb row 5x5x85 lbs 
bb shrug 
5x5x120 lbs 
stiff leg bb dead lift 5x5x120 lbs
plank/side plank 3x30s per side (90s total per set)

2 activity points. I think I need more. I'm so hungry all the time. And I did my workout after work, and I was not properly fed beforehand. I'd eaten a little bit of fruit throughout the day, and a bit of cookies & ice cream early on. Right before my workout, I had some cheese but by the time I got to my second circuit of exercises (the shrugs, DL & planks), I was shaky and weak and I really thought I was going to hurt myself. I had to use my straps to do the lifts. I really should have eaten better. I don't have this problem if I work out first thing in the morning but after a day of work and sugar, it wasn't good. I'm so glad to be done. And I vow here and now, that I will never, ever do stiff leg dead lifts once I'm done with this cycle. I HATE THOSE MOTHER EFFERS. I cannot get the form down and I don't see how they have any functional application at all.

fruit salad [0]
coffee w/ skim milk [3]
ice cream & cookies [10]
cheese [4]
baked chicken thighs w/ barbecue sauce, cheesy potatoes & broccoli [13]
peanut butter & nutella on bagel thin [8]

I used all 35 of my daily points, both activity points, and have 28 weekly points remaining. I need more vegetables.

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