Friday, December 25, 2009

Where can I buy good shoes?

I need to buy a good pair of shoes for high impact exercise (treadmill running and plyometrics). I know I need to go to a real store that specializes in this kind of stuff, but I'm not really sure what kind of store that would be - more than just a Foot Locker, right? Anyway, I'm not even sure what's close (and by close, I mean within a 90 minute drive - I know for sure there is NOTHING nearby). The closest real city to me is the Norfolk/Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads area. If anyone close to there knows a good place, I'd love some names!

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Sister Goddess Julie said...

I'm in Southern California and we have a running store called "Run With Us." I would definitely buy from a specialty store if you can.

Great blog! Very inspiring!

S.G. Julie