Friday, December 18, 2009

Fat X - Day 12 - Friday

Fat X Workout
(warm up 5 minutes before each workout)

Day 12
do circuit 5 times: shuffles (10 reps), bench jumps (10 reps), Roman chair crunches (10 reps), dumbbell swings (10 reps), burpees (10 reps), sandbag or medicine ball slam (10 reps), rest 2-3 minutes

I used a 20 pound dumbbell for the crunches and 10 pound dumbbells for the swings. I do not have a medicine ball or a sandbag, so I used my son's beanbag chair. From what I read when researching alternatives, the important part of the exercise is not the resistance but the explosive movement. So I slammed the bean bag chair. It wasn't a bad workout. Total time: 30:00. Calories burned: 186 (2 Activity Points)

Sadly, I must report that not even 5 minutes after posting my blog last night, I lost control and ate cookies/brownies. I think I had 3, maybe 4 brownies. That was all it took for me to start feeling sick as hell. And that is a good thing. I want to feel like crap when I eat this junk. Like alcohol. I hate how I feel when I drink, so I usually don't. I need that same physical response to sugar. I felt guilty and yucky but I hope to remember that feeling. Obviously, I have no weekly points left. I am going to try to stick to Core foods (from the Filling Foods list) until my points reset on Monday. Actually, I think I will reset them on Sunday, since I'll be switching to that day for Turbulence Training anyway.

That said, I am done blogging until I start Turbulence Training. I may post once or twice (especially if I do the Insanity Fit Test) between now and then. I'll be back to regular blogging AND a clean diet on December 27.

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