Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fat X - Day 10 - Wednesday

Day 9 is an Active Rest day. Since I took Sunday off, I'm skipping the Active Rest day. I plan on Wii-ing it up with Sebastian Saturday.

Fat X Workout
(warm up 5 minutes before each workout)

Day 10
do circuit 5 times: full squat (use heaviest weight possible for 5 reps, repeat after burpees with drop sets), burpees (5 reps), rest 2-3 minutes

How it works: do 5 squats, then 5 burpees, drop the weight a bit and do 5 squats, 5 burpees, drop the weight again and do 5 squats, 5 burpees, drop the weight again and do 5 squats, 5 burpees, rest, go back to your start squat weight and do it all over again 4 more times. I cheated and used a barbell - there was no way I could grip heavy enough dumbbells to be able to do 4 drop sets. I started with 55 pounds and dropped in 5 pound increments, down to 40 pounds. And burpees suck. I did 100 farking burpees. I hate burpees. Total time: 31:01. Calories burned: 195 (2 Activity Points)

I forgot to note in yesterday's blog that at the end of my workout, I did 40 extra jumping jacks. There was still time left on the clock, but not enough for me to get through another circuit, so I just kept jacking.

I also ate after I blogged last night. Don't worry - it wasn't close to anything horrible. I had one small piece of one of the naughtier cookies and a bite of pizza cracker. So 3 more weekly points down.

I've been doing some more research on Weight Watchers, and though I have no plans to do it "officially" (as in meetings and such), I do find it much less stressful to deal with than anything I've done recently, so I'm going to continue. At this point, I'm trying to decide whether I want to continue counting all my points with the Momentum program, or switch to the Simply Filling Technique (which is essentially Core). With SFT, I would only have to count points for foods that are NOT on the Filling Foods list. The Filling Foods list is pretty decent. The key (and problem) is that you eat from the Filling Foods list until you're satisfied, without counting points. You count points for foods not on the list (and you get 35 per week, plus activity points, if I'm understanding it all correctly). For the most part, there's no limit on how much you eat (provided you ONLY eat until you're satisfied, not stuffed), with a few exceptions (If you have more than one serving of cold cereal per day, you count the points after the first serving. The same goes for rice/potatoes/whole wheat pasta, and ground meats, which have to be 97% lean, otherwise it's not a Filling Food.). I'm still trying to understand SFT (and I think I have a good grasp) but I'm leaning toward that option. Of course, there's the SATISFACTION part of the whole deal. I've been paying more attention when I eat, and I can tell when I'm full, but I can't quite stop myself when I'm just satisfied yet. And of course, if I could do that, I wouldn't have this whole problem I have. Then there's the whole mental part of wanting to eat "bad" foods (from here on referred to as non-filling foods because that makes it sound less evil). I can be stuffed to the gills with good foods and still want the cookies.

banana [1 pt]

omelet w/ onion, green pepper, cheese, & salsa, light English muffing w/ sugar-free jelly [6 pts]

tilapia w/ roasted vegetables [5 pts]

apple & cottage cheese [4 pts]

crumb-coated chicken breast & baked butternut squash fries [3 pts]; Oh my!!! I have never had butternut squash fries before - mainly because they just didn't sound appealing and it's a pain in the buttocks to peel a winter squash with my crappy kitchen tools. TOTALLY WORTH THE EFFORT!!!!!! My 5-year old didn't care for them, even covered in ketchup, though he loves sweet potato fries.

yogurt & pumpkin cookie [4 pts]

Four cups of coffee, two cups homemade hot chocolate [2 pts] and 80 ounces of water.

25 points today. 20 weekly and 5 activity points remaining.

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