Sunday, February 12, 2017

79 Days

Until I turn 42.

My weight is 160.5 pounds and that wretched gut is 43 inches in Sir Cumference, Knight of the Buffet Table.

I joined Weight Watchers. Don't ask me why. I might as well have wiped my ass with a Grant. I could have muddled through the new SmartPoints for free, like I did with Points+ but I was having a hard time figuring my weekly and FitPoints. So I joined, $49.85 for 3 months. So far, I'm not liking it. You know why? Because my "small" cup of coffee is 6 points. So, I am looking at 2/3 of my daily points going towards coffee. I drink a lot of coffee with a lot of creamer :( Cutting back or giving it up is something that breaks my heart. My coffee, perfected over years, is my reason for living. I don't know what I am going to do. Obviously, I need to find an alternative. And I have flashbacks to when I went from regular soda to diet. I had to completely quit drinking soda for a few months before I "forgot" what it tasted like and could stomach diet. So maybe now is a good time to go cold turkey and drink nothing but water :( Fuck my life.

Workouts - back to heavy lifting and my beloved Baby Got Back (with some minor variations). I made a spreadsheet because of course I did. Four workouts per week - I'm not adding any cardio yet. I just want to get back into a routine with the lifting. I quite like what I've put together.

Workout A

rack pulls - 5x5x80 lbs - I originally put 100 lbs on the bar but it was a bit much for my first time back. I can go up to 90 lbs next week.
bent bb over row - 3x8x45 lbs
db bench press - 5x5x25 lbs - I felt a lot of weakness in my left arm while doing these. On my last set, I realized I was doing 8 reps.
db fly - 3x8x5 lbs - My intent was to do 10 pounds but didn't realize I only had 5 on there. No wonder it felt so easy.
  • plank - 1x30 sec
  • side plank w/ cable (band) row - 1x15, each side
  • Swiss ball mountain climber - 1x10, each side (so, 1x20) - These are fucking hard!
box jump - 1 set of 5 - Easing into this shit.

I was all set to do 3 sets of the core work and box jumps but I could barely make it through the first set. So I think I will add one set per week or every other week. Box jumps are my nemesis. I am always afraid I won't get enough height and bust my shins on the box and my face on the wall. On the bright side, I drank a lot of water during my workout.

And this earned me 3 FitPoints. I don't know how accurate that is. I selected moderate for 30 minutes. Meh. I hate estimates. It took me all damn day to figure out FitPoints. Apparently, we're supposed to add our "general activity" in order to bring us up to some baseline at which we are allowed to swap our FitPoints for food. Since I don't have an activity monitor, I have to give myself 60 minutes of light walking per day to account for all of my non-exercise activity. Again, meh. Whatever.

Tomorrow is leg day. I am very much looking forward to it. 


  • coffee w/ Splenda & French vanilla creamer [6]
  • Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino [10]
  • baby carrots [0] - I was going to add some dressing but not for 4 fucking points. And as usual, I got the hiccups. 
  • apple & cottage cheese [4]
  • Beef & broccoli [8] - This is the recipe I used. It was planned before I decided to do Weight Watchers and I didn't feel like re-planning my weekly menu. So I'm sticking with the menu for the week, but I will try to behave. I ate a lot of broccoli with this and was pretty full before I started the rice and beef. Damn it, I was eating my whole meal.
My handy dandy Weight Watchers app says I ate 27 of my 30 Daily Points. Not awful for a spur of the moment decision to waste my money. And of course, the frap was a really bad choice, and I knew that as I was buying it. I don't know how I will handle tomorrow and my coffee. I'm stressing out already.


Melty said...

I forget what I used to do about activity/fit points but I think intense weight lifting deserves more points than WW gives you. The calculations are more geared towards cardio. Maybe you leave your coffee alone the way you like it and just don't count/eat your fit points. Call it a wash.
Take your creatine. It will help with soreness. That was a pretty intense workout to jump into when you haven't been lifting heavy in a long time. You are supposed to ease into it. Plus, the creatine does really work. When I was doing it consistently I noticed the difference and my pull ups were actually coming along the way they should be!
How long did the whole thing take to do?

Becky Walker said...

It took about half hour to do the lifting part, another 15 minutes to do the jumps because I spent 10 minutes psyching myself out. I'll be adding creatine next week. I like your idea about the coffee. I am blogging about that today. Love you. Thank you for always being there.

Melty said...

<3 I'm routing for you!