Sunday, February 26, 2017

65 Days

Officially +1.5 from last week. Grrr. No bueno.

Workout A

rack pull - 5x5x80 lbs
db bench press - 5x5x25 lbs
bent over bb row - 3x8x45 lbs
db fly - 3x8x10 lbs

Next week I will increase the weights.


  • coffee w/ Splenda & creamer [9]
  • banana [0]
  • turkey slices & yogurt [4]
  • chili [10]


Melty said...

Have you pooped? I swear I can drop five pounds just from pooping. Also, you know the drill. Just stick with it. It will come. You've inspired me to do better with my food. I've logged my food the last few days and pre-planned some meals and pre-logged them. just in MFP. I feel like if I get this shit under control I'll be back to my normal self. Please keep at it because you're helping me.

I did not get a work out in yesterday (Sunday) but I spent the day being active with cleaning and such. I have my activity watch set on level 2 which on days I don't work out can be hard to hit the goal and I hit 99% so I came pretty damn close.

Becky Walker said...

No issues in that department. I got my period so I'm blaming that.

Should I get an activity watch? I want one for accountability but you know me...

Melty said...

I really like mine but it's big. I think if you're going to get one, it should be a quality one and one that makes sense but that is going to cost. I love mine because it's activity with the chest strap for workouts. I'll send you some screen grabs too.