Thursday, February 23, 2017

68 Days

Holy crap, no time for details. Work has been insane.

Workout C

inverted row - 5x5
shoulder press - 5x5x10 lbs
db pull over - 3x8x10 lbs
front/lat raise - 3x8x5 lbs


  • coffee w/ Splenda & creamer [12]
  • banana [0]
  • nothing
  • avocado & turkey slices [12] - This was a LATE snack, like 7:30 PM while I was finishing up at work. Which is why I ate nothing for dinner. Unless this was dinner?


Melty said...

Great job on being consistent. I'm having a hard time getting my Tue/Thur/Sat/Sun workouts in but I did get mine in yesterday.

Eat more.
You're doing awesome. Seriously. I am considering changing up my workouts to be more like yours. I really need to buckle down with food. That's my biggest problem. I need to lose 30 lbs.

Becky Walker said...

25-30 is what I need to lose, too.

I'm already thinking of what routine I want to put together for my next phase. I want to add some Turbo to my shit but I don't know that I really have the time. I might look at some of the NROL complexes or something, but I would like to keep the card I to under half hour. I want to add two more strength training exercises to each workout. I really love the 5x5/3x8 thing. I know it's only been two weeks but I feel...back.

Becky Walker said...

Cardio. Not card I to. I can't figure out how to edit from my phone.

Becky Walker said...

Apparently, I can't figure out how to edit from the PC either.